Traveling for Spring Riding? Check Our Updated Refill/Exchange Listings

Jetsetters take notice: we’ve updated our Float refill/exchange listings. If you’re traveling to Europe, Norway, Canada, Alaska or some other rowdy spring destination, go to our service center locator to see where to get your cylinder refilled or exchanged upon arrival.

As you probably know, if you’re flying to or from the USA, you must travel with your cylinder empty. Take the cylinder head off, put the cylinder and head in a clean Ziploc bag, then carry it through TSA. You can download instructions for doing this on our website and YouTube channel. If you’re not traveling through the USA, just make sure you clear it with your airline before you travel, wrap your cylinder with this document, and check it through.

Managing cylinders varies depending on where you travel: In Europe and Norway, retailers mainly exchange full cylinders for empty ones. In Canada and Alaska, retailers and SCUBA shops mainly refill empty cylinders. In Japan, retailers mainly rent cylinders. So make sure you select the appropriate service center type when you search on our locator. Always call or e-mail ahead to make sure they’re equipped and ready.

If you travel alot and would rather not stop at a refill, exchange, or rental center, we recommend traveling with a high-pressure floor pump. You can pick these up on Amazon for about $150.

For those heading to Chamonix, France–by far the most popular overseas spring destination for traveling gringoes–BCA has added a new cylinder refill center: Legend’Chx, located at the base of the Aiguille Du Midi cable car in downtown Cham (phone: +33 4 50 90 22 25), e-mail Free parking available. While you’re there, pick up a fat bike!

The shop gets five star reviews from its customers, who call it:
“The best workshop, hands down, and quick repairs.”
“Sérieux et rapide, bon shop.”