BCA Ambassador Profile: Powderbird Heliskiing Guide Logan Cookler

One of the most important elements of any helicopter skiing operation is its guide staff. BCA partner Powderbird Heliskiing in Utah has a team that has the knowledge and the skill set to make our anyone’s powder dreams a reality, including BCA ambassador and local “Ned” prodigy, Logan Cookler.

Logan began skiing as soon as he could walk, growing up outside Boulder, CO in the hippie mountain community of “Ned” (Nederland) and skiing at Eldora. His father Andy, a diehard skier, is BCA’s longtime landlord at our location at 2820 Wilderness Place, Boulder (thanks to Andy, our space is now 85 percent powered by photovoltaics).

Logan holds a Level 3 Avalanche Certification from AIARE, is a certified Outdoor Emergency Care Provider (OEC) and Wilderness First Responder. Ski guiding is in Logan’s blood, and it has taken him around the world. His career includes patrolling, guiding and avalanche forecasting at various locations including Solitude Mountain Resort, Mt. Shasta, Rainier, and Denali. Logan helps BCA do clinics at retail shops, ski patrols, and snow safety events across the Intermountain Region. He has been a major part of our education program for nearly 15 years.

Powderbird recently featured Logan in this Q&A interview below.

What is your favorite aspect of being a heli-skiing guide?

LOGAN: For me as a guide at Powderbird, it is the opportunity to be able to share our passion for the backcountry and the sport of skiing with our guests that makes the job amazing. Whether we access the terrain on foot or out of the aircraft, I love watching people light up when they realize how much greater the backcountry experience can be over resort skiing.

How did you first discover your love for guiding in the backcountry?

LOGAN: When I was 18 years old, my dad told me if I graduated high school with good grades and got admitted into college we would go heli-skiing. Needless to say, I got it done, and we went to Alaska in the spring of 1999 and had a day I would never forget.  It was there that I realized what I wanted to do with my life. The rest is history.

As a Powderbird Guide, what do you do in the off-season to stay in shape for winter?

LOGAN: Over the last year my wife and I welcomed the birth of our son, so the majority of our off-season training has involved some additional weight training as we saddle him up for small hikes around our home in Big Cottonwood Canyon. But when not hanging out with the little one, you can find me on my bike or hiking the many trails around the Wasatch. While there are many different exercises to keep you in shape for the winter, it is essential just to get out and explore. By embracing the mountain lifestyle wherever you live, you might just find yourself hiking a little further to see what is around the next corner.

When you’re not guiding with Powderbird, where can we find you spending your professional time?

LOGAN: When not guiding for Powderbird, I am an ambassador for Backcountry Access. BCA is one of the leading companies in backcountry travel equipment and is a crucial sponsor for Powderbird. When flying with Powderbird, our guests are all provided with a Float airbag backpack, shovel, probe, and Tracker2 avalanche transceiver. In addition to our use of these products at Powderbird, I get the opportunity to use and test these products daily in real-world skiing applications. By constant use and assessment of these products, BCA’s ambassador program ensures future consumers have the best product possible.

Some of us knew “Logie” back when he was a teenager at “Ned” High. We knew back then that he was a smart kid with a big future. We’re stoked he chose ski guiding as a career path and that he’s always willing to rep BCA–at least when he’s not flying.