Backcountry Women: BCA and Camber Outdoors Accelerating Women’s Participation in the Backcountry

BCA Operations Director Tiffany Hampshire is a role model for Backcountry Access.

Camber Outdoors is committed to the vision of Everyone’s Outdoors, accelerating and elevating women’s leadership and participation in the outdoors, from the backcountry to the boardroom.  As a member company of Camber Outdoors, Backcountry Access supports its mission in promoting the advancement of women in outdoor professions.

If you were to walk into the BCA offices, you would see a fair mix of men and women at every desk.  BCA women hold positions in every area of our business from sales and marketing to technical services and IT management to customer service and operations.

But it wasn’t always that way.

“When I first started at BCA in 1996, they were literally throwing a bachelor party,” says Tiffany Hampshire, Backcountry Access Operations Director. “I came in as their first operations coordinator and found loose pages from Hustler magazine stuffed randomly into their files. After four days, I was ready to leave.  But luckily Bruno persuaded me to stay.”

Back then, it was tough for Tiffany and other women to break into management in the male-dominated outdoor industry.  Camber Outdoors and its members are working to change all that.

“Today, it’s great to see how outdoor companies value diversity in their workforce and the growth of organizations with strong female leadership like SmartWool and the American Avalanche Institute,” added Tiffany. “Camber Outdoors really helps put a spotlight on women in our industry.”

Granted, the BCA customer base is male-dominant.  But over the past decade, its gone from 95%-5% male-female to 80%-20% male-female.  Backcountry Access has helped foster the growth of women in the backcountry by supporting many female-oriented programs like SheJumps, SAFE AS, Girls Do Ski and Backcountry Babes with educational resources and donated avalanche safety gear.  Together with Camber Outdoors, organizations like these are giving backcountry women a sense of empowerment and the skill set to succeed in their outdoor endeavors.

BCA intern Nash Welch and Tiffany Hampshire manning the booth during the Camber Outdoor promotion at Outdoor Retail + Snow Show.

For the past several years, BCA has held fundraisers for Camber Outdoors at annual industry events.   This year, BCA raised $1,300 for the organization during a discounted ‘flash sale’ at the 2018 Outdoor Retail + Snow Show.  Special promotions on our stock of Tracker3 avalanche transceivers and BC Link radios sold out in less than 30 minutes.

The funds raised support Camber Outdoors programming like its mentoring program, CEO Pledge, and Camber Exchange employment opportunities. All BCA employees are members of Camber and can participate in the educational and networking events they host throughout the year.

Camber Outdoors has a huge list of sponsors including BCA retailers REI and  If your company is not a member, consider joining Camber Outdoors in support of accelerating women in your organization too!

BCA is a big supporter of backcountry women.  Many of BCA’s top ski, snowboard and snowmobile athletes and ambassadors are backcountry women, like avalanche educators Lel Tone and Sarah Carpenter; pro snowboarder Robin Van Gyn, pro sledders Ashley Chaffin, Brandy Floyd, Stephanie Laroy Schwartz ,and Stephanie Santeford; big mountain skiers Amie Engerbretson, Hannah Follender, McKenna Peterson, Tatum Monod, and Tess Golling; and BCA ambassadors Betsy Norsen, Kim Havell, Lisa Korthals, and Shaun Raskin.