APRENDICA Presents First 2017 Pro/Rec AIARE Avalanche Courses in Chile and Argentina

Photo Credit: Marcos Couch

BCA partner APRENDICA will be the first to offer the new pro/rec AIARE avalanche safety course curriculum in South America from June through August 2017. APRENDICA organizes and is an official provider of avalanche education courses at the American Institute for Avalanche Reasearch and Education (AIARE), and advises on risk management on avalanche terrain.

In 2014, BCA reported on The Good Divide: The Split in Avalanche Education between professional (pro) and recreational (rec) tracks. Avalanche professionals increasingly recognized that the “one-size-fits-all” AIARE curriculum had been falling short for users. Recreationists found themselves moving into Level 2 courses heavy on jargon and surrounded by aspiring professionals. Those same professionals needed to learn standardized observation guidelines and operational protocols that simply weren’t necessary for the recreationists. After several years of development, the new pro/rec AIARE course curriculum is now available.

The APRENDICA education season begins with Winter Forecasting and Meterology for snow safety professionals, avalanche forecasters, mountain guides, ski patrollers. Recommended by AIARE as Continued Professional Development, this 3-day course focuses on predicting the winter weather for people interested in generating a short-term forecast in a dynamic weather conditions. The development of the program is centered on information available on the internet and is widely applicable to all snow climates (continental, transitional and maritime). The course will focus on an approximation to the understanding of the climate from observations on the surface and those from the upper part of the atmosphere. A combination of real-time analysis of weather products and forecasting exercises will introduce important patterns to recognize.

APRENDICA and its associates will then be offering 25 AIARE pro/rec avalanche safety courses in various locations in Argentina and Chile, including:

  • PRO: One-Day Avalanche Rescue Fundamentals Course, Multi-Day AIARE Level 1 and AIARE Level 2 courses for snow safety professionals, and
  • REC: Avalanche Awareness Talk, One-Day Avalanche Rescue Fundamentals Course, and Multi-day AIARE Recreation 1 and AIARE Recreation 2 for backcountry skiers and snowboarders.

These courses will be the first presentations of the new AIARE course curriculum with the pro/rec split. Both the “pro” and “rec” tracks start with the current Level 1 “Avalanche Fundamentals,” but the new curriculum adds an eight-hour, in-depth Rescue Fundamentals module. To progress in either the pro or rec track, one would first complete the 24-hour Level 1 and the 8-hour Rescue Fundamentals. This frees up valuable time within the Level 1 to focus more in-depth on other topics, while greatly enhancing the rescue component of the introductory education.

Cursos de Avalanchas en América del Sur – Programación 2017

Dates and registration contacts are listed here.

APRENDICA works hand-in-hand with AIARE to develop the curriculum in Spanish and adapt the model to the local culture. These courses also follow the recommendations of the American Avalanche Association (AAA) and are the standard of avalanche education approved by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) for the formation of its UIAGM-IFMGA guides.

Cursos AIARE en Sudamérica from APRENDICA | Outdoor Training on Vimeo.

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