BCA first got started in a garage in Colorado.  Thanks to support from our loyal customers, BCA is now the most trusted name in backcountry safety worldwide.

When BCA equips you for the backcountry, we work to equip you, not only with gear but with the knowledge to make informed decisions. That’s why we support all of our products with a consumer education program and the most knowledgeable customer service staff in the industry.

Our mission is to save lives, not just sell products. This is how we measure success.  Get educated, choose your terrain according to the conditions, and communicate clearly. Our hope is that you’ll never use any of our rescue gear–except for practice. We want you to be a BCA customer for life.

BCA celebrated its 20th year in 2014-15. We’re looking forward to another 20 years of backcountry riding and, most important, 20 more years of saved lives.