2020 Freeride World Tour: Tour cut short, BCA athlete Isaac Freeland takes title.

Freeride World Tour athletes performing a face check, in Fieberbrunn, Austria. (Photo: Dom Daher) 

The final results from the 2020 Freeride World Tour are in. We are pleased to announce that BCA athlete Isaac Freeland placed #1 overall for the 2020 FWT season and BCA athlete Andrew Pollard placed #3, both in the Men’s Ski division. BCA is proud to have had 14 athletes on the tour this year, which was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. The final stop, scheduled for Verbier, Switzerland, was recently cancelled.

BCA athlete and FWT 2020 winner Isaac Freeland shows some style at Kicking Horse, stop #2 on this season’s Freeride World Tour. (Photo: Dom Daher) 

Isaac Freeland is always about having fun and loves pulling out new tricks from his bag. A combo of ability and creativity earned him both 1st Place Overall and Rookie of the Year honors. Isaac finished with 24,160 points overall, nearly 3,000 points higher than second place finisher, Kristofer Turdell. Andrew Pollard–last season’s Rookie of the Year along with sister Jacqueline–turned in a solid 21,120 points this season to receive third place.

BCA athlete Andrew Pollard airs the cliff bands at Kicking Horse. (Photo: Jeremy Bernard) 

As the education sponsor of IFSA (the International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association), we’re challenging the next generation of riders to match their avalanche skills to their expert freeriding skills. As IFSA’s education sponsor, we provide avalanche awareness training to Junior freeride teams and at select competitions across North America. All BCA sponsored athletes are required to have a minimum of recreational level one avalanche training.

BCA athletes Jacqueline Pollard & Tom Peiffer inspecting a line at Kicking Horse.

Final Results FWT 2020: BCA Athletes 

FWT 2020 Men’s Ski Results:

  • Isaac Freeland – 1st overall & Rookie of the Year
  • Andrew Pollard – 3rd overall
  • Blake Marshall – 6th overall
  • Tom Peiffer – 11th overall
  • Kevin Nichols – 13th overall 
  • Jack Nichols – 15th overall 
  • Tim Durtschi – 19th overall 

FWY 2020 Mens Snowboard Results:

  • Davey Baird – 9th Overall

FWT 2020 Womens Ski Results:

  • Jacqueline Pollard – 6th overall
  • Juliette Willman – 7th overall

Isaac Freeland at FWT Stop #2: Kicking Horse. (Photo: Dom Daher)

In the interest of taking precautionary measures due to the COVID-19 virus, the Freeride World Tour had to make the difficult decision of canceling the final stop in Verbier. Thus, the results are finalized as they currently stand after the last stop in Fieberbrunn, Austria.  To see the full list of final results, rankings, and highlights from the events visit the Freeride World Tour website. Once again, we’re extremely proud of our athletes that participated and we look forward to another strong turnout next year! 

FWT 2020 Photo Gallery

BCA New Zealand athlete Blake Marshall floating in Fieberbrunn at the 2020 FWT. (Photo: Jeremy Bernard)

BCA athlete Jack Nichols in Kicking Horse at the 2020 FWT.

BCA athlete Kevin Nichols in Kicking Horse at the 2020 FWT.

BCA snowboard athlete Davey Baird in Fieberbrunn, Austria at the 2020 FWT.

BCA athlete Jacqueline Pollard in Fieberbrunn, Austria at the 2020 FWT. (Photo: Dom Daher)

BCA French athlete Juliette Willmann in Kicking Horse at the 2020 FWT. (Photo: Jeremy Bernard)

Athlete Profiles:

Andrew Pollard

Raised on the slopes of Alta, Utah, Andrew and sister Jacqueline both competed on the Freeride World Tour last season, each earning Rookie of the Year status in the men’s and women’s category, respectively. Andrew’s creativity is not limited to the mountains: he is an accomplished graphic artist.

Davey Baird

Davey Baird is a soft-spoken 23-year-old native of Homer, Alaska with an impressive melon grab. He won the Men’s Snowboard division of the Freeride World Qualifiers in 2016. Since there’s only a rope tow in Homer, he spends most of his winters riding at Mt. Baker, Wash. Summers are spent working at a fishing lodge in Kachemak Bay, AK.

Isaac Freeland

Originally from San Diego, Isaac attend Sugar Bowl Academy in Lake Tahoe. After winning the Jr. Freeride finals a few years ago, he entered the U. of Utah, taking nearly two seasons to come back from injury. He has been a solid BCA ally over the years, helping us at trade shows and attending our trainings. He graduated this year with a degree in computer science.

Jack Nichols

Born and raised near Vail, Colo., Jack is a passionate skier who loves to straight-line big drops. Like legendary extreme skier Doug Coombs, Jack broke his neck at an early age: per doctor’s orders, you’ll rarely see him fall. He recently got his pilot’s license and is taking the semester off from Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman.

Kevin Nichols

Kevin traveled religiously across North America competing in the IFSA Junior Freeskiing Tour and qualified for a spot in the Freeride Junior World Championships in 2016. He won the Freeride World Qualifier tour last season (Men’s Ski). When he’s not competing, you can catch him at MSU with his older brother, Jack.

Tim Durtschi

Creating a film segment is a complex process, and avalanche safety is critical when planning film missions. As both a TGR athlete and videographer, Durtschi ensures everyone has proper avalanche gear and training and makes backcountry safety a priority for his crew.

Tom Peiffer

Tom and his brother Liam grew up in Salt Lake City, Switzerland, and finally Whistler, BC. The duo dominated the Freeride World Qualifiers in 2018, both entering the FWT last season. Liam is back in school at the U. of Utah and Tom is back in Whistler. What is it about siblings that makes them such great FWT athletes–rivalry perhaps?

Jacqueline Pollard

A forceful skier from Alta with a slopeside upbringing (her parents run a lodge there), Jacqueline and brother Andrew have been on IFSA podiums since they were groms with Team Altabird. Jacqueline spends her summers as a raft guide in Idaho. Nice lifestyle!

Juliette Willmann

Juliette is a powerhouse on her skis. She is from Chamonix, France and has been skiing on the Freeride World Qualifier circuit for a few seasons, qualifying this year as a wild card. Not only can she rip, but she has an outgoing personality. We know this because she spent part of last summer riding with our colorful South American distributor, “Chile Chad” Maurer.

Rachel Croft

A lifelong skier from Washington who can ski any type of terrain, Rachel coaches the Winter Park (Colo.) big mountain team. Not only can she ski with perfect style and form, but she is a great whitewater paddler, mountain biker, and climber. Unfortunately she sat this season out with a knee injury–but she’ll be back!