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BCA Float MtnPro Vest Black/Yellow XL/XXL Avalanche Airbag

5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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NEW-BCA-logo-product-64x32Our redesigned lightweight and breathable avalanche airbag protective vest in size XL/XXL. FLOAT 1.0 CYLINDER NOT INCLUDED.




Designed for high-performance mountain riding, the Float MtnPro vest avalanche airbag is a low profile pack/vest combo designed to carry avalanche gear, a few other essentials, and easily integrate with external equipment such as hydration systems or our BC link radios. Full front, side and back protection with 1mm of hard shell sandwiched between two layers of PE foam provide protection from trees, rocks, handle bars, or whatever else you might come across on your adventures. The Float MtnPro Vest has external shovel carry, secure dual side-release buckles over the front zip, articulated shoulders, and bigger pockets.

Float MtnPro Vest Avalanche Airbag Features

  • Main compartment, internal tool pocket for shovel and probe
  • External shovel carry pocket
  • Shovel shaft quick lock attachment
  • Accessory pocket
  • Zipper access for trigger/BC Link radio or hydration system
  • Compression straps
  • Padded rib guards
  • Articulated shoulder pads
  • Two large gusseted front pockets
  • Padded chest protection

Float Avalanche Airbag Resources

Float MtnPro Vest Avalanche Airbag Video

Additional information


1220 cu. in / 20 liters (with system)


Full system with Float 1.0 cylinder: 8.8 pounds / 3978 grams
Full system without Float 1.0 cylinder: 7.3 pounds / 3329 grams
Pack only: 5.7 lbs / 2572 grams





1 review for BCA Float MtnPro Vest Black/Yellow XL/XXL Avalanche Airbag

  1. 5 out of 5

    Love this all-in-one vest

    I wore this all-in-one vest all season as a snowmobiler in the backcountry. There are many features about this Avalanche airbag that I absolutely loved. With the protective vest integrated along with the airbag pack, I was able to reduce the bulk I use to have. Before I would wear a protective vest under my outer layer, that was under my backpack airbag. Now I have everything I need all in one. My body temperature keeps cooler than it did before with all the layers.

    Another awesome feature of this all-in-one pack is the ability to integrate my BCA link radio for easy accessible use. This feature enables me to use my radio with out having to remove my helmet.

    There is a dedicated external pouch for my transceiver. Enabling quick access in the event a transceiver needs to be utilized.

    I added the external shovel pouch. Once I did this I found I had plenty of room for my daily essentials, emergency equipment & first aid kit.

    The all-in-one pack has multiple adjustments… waist belt & side panel adjustments. I found this pack to be the best fit I have worn. After a long full day of riding, I found my shoulders to be free of soreness that I would get from a backpack style pack.

    The trigger has multiple positions as well as a left or right mount. Making it easy to adjust to your riding style. There is also a tether loop for your snowmobile kill switch.

    I loved this pack so much, especially the weightless feel while riding. Low profile for those tight maneuvers in the trees.

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