Two-Way Radios

  • BCA’s Most Viral Backcountry Ski & Sled Posts of 2016


    The Backcountry Access community shared reactions and comments in record numbers in 2016. Here is a review of the top organic viral Backcountry Access Facebook posts for 2016 – from serious to lighthearted.

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  • Wildsnow Gear Review: Tools For Ski Touring Communication – BC Link Radios


    WildSnow is a strong advocate of using 2-way radios to enhance safety while backcountry skiing. BC Link radios are tried and true, and as the winter season approaches, Jonathan Cooper likes to remind himself – and us – of how important communication is in the backcountry.

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  • #unepicadventures: Hell No! Sidehilling on our Snow Bikes in McCall, ID


    After being involved in two avalanches 10 years ago, Brandy Floyd started adjusting her need for a certain level of adrenaline with her and her friends’ need to stay alive. In this #unepicadventures story, Brandy recounts riding her new Timbersled Mountainhorse and why she deviated from some sketchy side hill terrain.

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  • ISSW2016: Radios, Rescue Protocols & Freeride Leadership in High-Use Avalanche Terrain


    Winter backcountry travel is increasingly more popular, especially adjacent to ski areas and common-use trailheads. Thought out an clear communication, advanced avalanche rescue and patient-care education and leveraging freeride athletes leadership can aid in avalanche prevention, rescue response and safety. Read three new white papers published for the 2016 International Snow Science Workshop.

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  • How I Use My BCA MtnPro Gear Year-Round


    If it were my choice, I would be using my BCA MtnPro gear year round after a two-week summer break. I would be off to the southern hemisphere to enjoy winter sledding in the Andes. In reality, that’s not quite happening yet. I do use the following BCA gear in the summer and fall: BC Link radios, Stash packs, MtnPro protective vest and MtnPro shin guards. Here’s where I use them.

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  • #unepicadventures: BC Link Radios on Mt. Logan: A report from Canada’s highest summit


    Beast. There is no other word for this mountain. At 5959m, Mt. Logan is Canada’s highest mountain, second only to Denali in North America. It’s hard to describe how one feels standing at the top of this mountain, other than short on oxygen. Then, something incredible happened…. the crackle of a voice on my BC Link radio.

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  • Roger That! “Sarge” Conway on Backcountry Two-Way Radio Protocols

    BCA Colter Hinchliffe 940x572

    Jim “Sarge” Conway outfits all of his clients with a BC Link two-way radio, and when he recommends two-way radio protocols for backcountry travel, we listen. With a lifetime spent in the mountains and a degree in engineering, he’s one of the BCA ambassadors we count on for heavy technical feedback.

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  • Backcountry communication: Send us your “close call” stories


    BCA is doing research for the 2016 International Snow Science Workshop. Do you ride in an area where groups often ski above or below each other without knowing? Have you ever seen an avalanche nearby, but not known whether somebody was caught? Do you wish you could communicate with others riding in your area, so you could avoid “stomping” on each other’s lines? Then we’d love to hear from you.

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  • Avalanche at Icefall: Group Communication Success Story

    BCA Stephanie Bennett K2 940x652

    When 16 friends descended on the Icefall Lodge for a week of touring, they had no idea their BC Link radios were the most important piece of equipment in their backpacks.

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