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  • #unepicadventures: Second Round on Idaho’s The Devil’s Bedstead


    Turning around from a mountain objective provokes mixed emotions: a jumble of disappointment and questioning, pride and relief. Once the decision to turn around has been made, it is the right decision. It was May 2015 and spring ski conditions were looking prime in at The Devil’s Bedstead in Idaho, a mountain that McKenna Peterson had been wanting to conquer for years.

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  • Penguin led ski touring: Miles Clark’s Antarctica Photo Essay

    Ice Axe Expeditions

    It’s not easy to access the land of Antarctica. The majority of land is guarded by 100-300 foot ice cliffs that prevent any kind of access. Every now and then, you find a ramp down to the shoreline and that’s what we use to access these mountainous islands and peninsulas. Ramps are where the penguins access the land as well. Nearly every time we land to ski, we’re dealing with penguins. Miles Clark reports.

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  • BCA’s Most Viral Backcountry Ski & Sled Posts of 2016


    The Backcountry Access community shared reactions and comments in record numbers in 2016. Here is a review of the top organic viral Backcountry Access Facebook posts for 2016 – from serious to lighthearted.

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  • Walk the Plank with BCA Athlete Dave Treadway


    Dave is no stranger to steep and exposed lines, but this was something special. “Just to get out to the start of my line, I had to essentially walk the plank.” Pretty rowdy skiing — you’ll want to watch this edit.

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  • #unepicadventures: Weekend on South Diamond Peak at Cameron Pass, CO


    CAIC had forecasted low to medium avalanche conditions. But upon evaluating the snow on our planned slope we made the decision to abandon this plan due to unfavorable snowpack and instead have a laid back evening and toss back a few beers at our campsite. The next morning, we saw that the entire face of South Diamond had slid. Nick Kozel reports.

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  • #unepicadventures: Saving Crystal Peak for another day


    As someone relatively new to the backcountry scene, Dan Scannura’s opportunities for decision-making have been few and far between. After countless hours of avy training, watching videos, and dreaming, it was finally his turn to strive for epic adventures (and experience some un-epic ones too!)

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  • #unepicadventures: Breaking trail on Teton Pass


    The sun started coming up as we made our first turns down the low angle start to our run. And as the light got better, we turned our headlamps off, and one at a time, skied untracked snow with face shots to start our day.

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  • Float Airbag Saves Man in Courmayeur Avalanche


    Overall it was pretty obvious to both me and my ski buddies that day that my airbag pack saved me from serious injury or worse. Not only did my Float avalanche airbag pack keep me above the snow, but when I slammed into a boulder the pack prevented me from being pinned down on it, and instead helped me deflect off.

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  • #unepicadventures: Hell No! Sidehilling on our Snow Bikes in McCall, ID


    After being involved in two avalanches 10 years ago, Brandy Floyd started adjusting her need for a certain level of adrenaline with her and her friends’ need to stay alive. In this #unepicadventures story, Brandy recounts riding her new Timbersled Mountainhorse and why she deviated from some sketchy side hill terrain.

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