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  • Thinking of Heading South: Here are Our Favorite S. American Ski Touring Spots


    The Andes run from Colombia all the way to Chile and the potential for skiing and riding is limitless. So book your tickets, pack your touring kit and go spend some time in South America this summer shredding the backcountry.

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  • 55 Peaks, 109 Routes: Making Turns Guidebook, Volume 2 by Fritz Sperry


    Prolific backcountry author and artist Fritz Sperry has published another guidebook, this one describing ski tours in Colorado’s Front Range, north of Interstate 70. We especially love the section on marijuana, where he suggests sativa over indica, to better achieve that “flow state.” Fritz provides lots of useful detail that’s sure to get you backcountry skiing more creative lines this season.

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  • Backpack or tunnel bag? Proper snowmobile gear placement for mountain riding


    With the advent of protective airbag vests, a tunnel bag is now a must-have. But what gear do you put in each one? If you’re looking to be more nimble, let your machine carry the weight instead of your back. But always carry an extra shovel on your sled, so you don’t have to remove your airbag to dig out your sled. BCA sled ambassador Mike Duffy reports.

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  • Powder Jetsetters: Air Travel With an Avalanche Airbag Cylinder Pump


    Are you flying to an exotic place to chase powder this season, but are worried about bringing your Float air cylinder? Do what BCA, Teton Gravity Research, and other world travelers do and pick up a Benjamin High Pressure Pump.

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  • Gear Review: What to Carry in Your Ski Pack This Winter


    Can’t wait to ski this season? Us too! In order to hit the backcountry when the first flakes fall, now is the time to get your gear ready. Following is a list of items our guides carry in their packs on an average day of ski touring.

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  • Why to use a GPS app (like Gaia) while backcountry skiing


    The best way to travel in unknown or whiteout backcountry terrain is with a GPS device or GPS phone application. Using travel aids is a great way to increase safety and is an important skill for any backcountry traveler to have. It can even help identify potential avalanche terrain before you get there. Mike Alkaitis reports.

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  • BCA Preseason Training Routine Direct from BCA Pro Athletes


    Fall is the last chance to tune up your body before ski season hits. Sure, you’ve been biking, hiking, maybe even rock climbing all summer; however, it is time to switch things up, pick up the intensity, and work out with ski season as the main focus.

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  • Winter Weather Tools for South America


    Here’s everything you need to know about weather and avalanches in South America from APRENDICA, the first official provider of AIARE avalanche safety courses in Argentina and Chile. Time to book your summer trip!

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  • On Snow in Aspen: Avalanche Education at the Sangree Hut

    BCA Aspen Alpine Guides 940x580

    Combine your next hut trip with an avalanche education class and you may have the Sangree Hut as a classroom. Josh Mattson reports from the Aspen Alpine Guides avalanche safety course in Aspen, CO.

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