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  • #unepicadventures: Skiing the Gore Trifecta: Three Couloirs, Three Lines


    Can an unepic adventure be memorable and an amazing experience? I find that sometimes I have the ability to put expectations on certain outings. These outings are usually on my tick list of things I want to accomplish. One of these objectives we called the “Gore Trifecta” and simply consisted of skiing the Silver Couloir on Buffalo, the Big Bad Wolf on Red #1, and What Big Eyes You Have on Little Red.

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  • #unepicadventures: Sledding Deep in the Cariboo Backcountry


    Sledding and ski touring are two very similar ways to enjoy the Cariboo backcountry with one major difference; the terrain that we’re able to cover in a single day on a snowmobile is far greater. When covering such large distances—and reaching such remote terrain by sled—it’s even more important not to make mistakes.

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  • ISSW2016: Radios, Rescue Protocols & Freeride Leadership in High-Use Avalanche Terrain


    Winter backcountry travel is increasingly more popular, especially adjacent to ski areas and common-use trailheads. Thought out an clear communication, advanced avalanche rescue and patient-care education and leveraging freeride athletes leadership can aid in avalanche prevention, rescue response and safety. Read three new white papers published for the 2016 International Snow Science Workshop.

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  • BCA Presents the Backcountry Basics Educational Videos Series


    BCA has just released a new series of five educational videos titled, “BCA Backcountry Basics: Get the Goods without Getting Buried.” The goal is to get new backcountry riders stoked on snow safety–and enrolled in avalanche courses.

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  • Powder Jetsetters: Fly With Your Own Airbag Cylinder Pump


    Are you flying to an exotic place to chase powder this season, but are worried about bringing your Float air cylinder? Do what BCA, Teton Gravity Research, and other world travelers do and pick up a Benjamin High Pressure Pump.

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