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  • #unepicadventures: Turn around on Mount Rainier


    When Backcountry Access was calling for #unepicadventures — decision making success stories, Sam Bergeron thought, “Boy, do I have a lot of these backcountry fuck-ups, turn-arounds and lessons-learned to share!” Read Sam’s ultimate #unepic season-ending Mount Rainier ski tour story here.

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  • Thinking of Heading South: Here are Our Favorite S. American Ski Touring Spots


    The Andes run from Colombia all the way to Chile and the potential for skiing and riding is limitless. So book your tickets, pack your touring kit and go spend some time in South America this summer shredding the backcountry.

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  • #unepicadventures: Hill Banging in the Kootenays


    The best part of BCA crew’s Nelson pilgrimage video? They got to combine snowmobiling and skiing, and a little skijoring, on their Kootenays’ backcountry trip.

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  • Big lines and big recoveries: Overcoming the trauma of surviving an avalanche


    BCA pro athlete Amie Engerbretson was featured in the December 2016 issue of Freeskier in the story “Backcountry Rehab” about how she has overcome the trauma of surviving an avalanche, and gone on to drop big lines and continue her professional ski career.

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  • Avalanche airbag deployed as man, dog survive Mt Baker slide


    John Towne, his dog, and a couple friends were riding the backcountry at Mount Baker in early January 2017 when an avalanche broke. He was in the middle of it and quickly started to sink. Thankfully he was riding with his Float 32.

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  • #unepicadventures: JaFebruary with Adam Ü


    Filmed over two days in February 2017, this short film by/of Adam Ü showcases a tiny fraction of the skiing potential in Nagano, Japan.

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  • 55 Peaks, 109 Routes: Making Turns Guidebook, Volume 2 by Fritz Sperry


    Prolific backcountry author and artist Fritz Sperry has published another guidebook, this one describing ski tours in Colorado’s Front Range, north of Interstate 70. We especially love the section on marijuana, where he suggests sativa over indica, to better achieve that “flow state.” Fritz provides lots of useful detail that’s sure to get you backcountry skiing more creative lines this season.

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  • Penguin led ski touring: Miles Clark’s Antarctica Photo Essay

    Ice Axe Expeditions

    It’s not easy to access the land of Antarctica. The majority of land is guarded by 100-300 foot ice cliffs that prevent any kind of access. Every now and then, you find a ramp down to the shoreline and that’s what we use to access these mountainous islands and peninsulas. Ramps are where the penguins access the land as well. Nearly every time we land to ski, we’re dealing with penguins. Miles Clark reports.

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  • Walk the Plank with BCA Athlete Dave Treadway


    Dave is no stranger to steep and exposed lines, but this was something special. “Just to get out to the start of my line, I had to essentially walk the plank.” Pretty rowdy skiing — you’ll want to watch this edit.

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