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  • #unepicadventures: Turn around on Mount Rainier


    When Backcountry Access was calling for #unepicadventures — decision making success stories, Sam Bergeron thought, “Boy, do I have a lot of these backcountry fuck-ups, turn-arounds and lessons-learned to share!” Read Sam’s ultimate #unepic season-ending Mount Rainier ski tour story here.

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  • #unepicadventures: Radio Communications Alert Group of Avalanche


    Three backcountry skiers effectively used their two-way radios last month to instantly communicate the moment an avalanche triggered and began to slide. It’s a good example of the isolated danger of triggering Persistent Slab avalanches. And a great example of safe backcountry travel protocols.

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  • Avalanche Beacon Training Park Opens at Rocky Mountain National Park


    BCA’s newest avalanche beacon training park was featured on 9News “NEXT WITH KYLE CLARK, KUSA”. Watch the broadcast and read the story here!

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  • New avalanche, snow burial practice guidelines from the Wilderness Medical Society


    In continuing to promote avalanche education, Backcountry Access is please to share the new white paper: The Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Avalanche and Nonavalanche Snow Burial Accidents.

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  • Capow! Marty Schaffer Shakes up the Canadian Avalanche Safety Scene


    Capow! Marty Schaffer’s progressive backcountry guiding company is delivering a fresh look to the landscape of avalanche education with light, fun, and stoke-oriented shreducation outreach and snow safety awareness events.

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  • Big lines and big recoveries: Overcoming the trauma of surviving an avalanche


    BCA pro athlete Amie Engerbretson was featured in the December 2016 issue of Freeskier in the story “Backcountry Rehab” about how she has overcome the trauma of surviving an avalanche, and gone on to drop big lines and continue her professional ski career.

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  • #unepicadventures: Averting the Danger Zone in Kagura, Japan


    It was storming so hard none of the upper lifts were running. So I skied down to the lower part of the mountain, alone, under the gondola lift line in a perfectly spaced birch forest to check out the terrain park. Too bad he didn’t see this sign or the major warning posted in the gondolas–about the “Never Come Back” zone down in that valley. Read Edge’s #unepicadventures in Japan.

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  • BCA Ambassador Lel Tone: Leading the #WomensMarch in Snow Safety


    To celebrate the #WomensMarch, BCA is highlighting one of our favorite longtime ambassadors, Lesley “Lel” Tone. Whether it be patrolling, guiding, or instructing AIARE or SAFE AS courses, Lel Tone leads by example and is paving the way for women in the avalanche and snow science industry.

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  • #unepicadventures: Scouting big lines in the Uintas


    Big approach, big down lines. With the Uintas Mountains notoriously weak continental snowpack, most people usually wait until later in spring to ski there. But due to an uncharacteristic boomer snowpack and a month plus of high pressure, Weston and Shaun decided to go for a scouting mission. They ended up backing of the line of their dreams, but scoring major “beta” on this area for the next time.

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