Backcountry Rescue

  • Avalanche Rescue at Cherry Bowl, a Story that Needs to be Told


    In March of 2013, four friends from Whitehorse, Yukon, made the 1200 km road trip south to Shames Mountain, BC. With fresh snow and clearing skies, they embarked on a week-long adventure exploring the area’s backcountry. Four days in, on a bluebird day in Cherry Bowl, their trip came to an abrupt end.

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  • Float Airbag Saves Man in Courmayeur Avalanche


    Overall it was pretty obvious to both me and my ski buddies that day that my airbag pack saved me from serious injury or worse. Not only did my Float avalanche airbag pack keep me above the snow, but when I slammed into a boulder the pack prevented me from being pinned down on it, and instead helped me deflect off.

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  • Backcountry Rescue from Ouray Colorado Avalanche


    While boot packing up the Naked Lady Couloir, another party backcountry skiing above Ross Minton’s ski mountaineering group above released an avalanche. The slide caught Ross and carried him around 400 feet down the couloir. Luckily he was not buried. And luckily his guide and party knew the basics of post-avalanche patient care and backcountry evacuation.

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  • BCA Float Avalanche Airbag Saves Heli-boarder


    Nick Polidoro was demo’ing a Float airbag while heli-boarding in March 2016 in Haines, AK. He was caught in an avalanche on Directors North, getting carried over two cliffs—and over 1000 vertical feet. He ended up with his face and toes just above the surface. “Before I pulled the trigger, I had no control whatsoever. Once I pulled it, the whole situation changed: instead of pitch black, I could see white.”

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  • Float 8 Airbag Saves Alaska Snowmachiner


    These are the kinds of stories that make our jobs at BCA so rewarding. The news came from the Friends of the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center with a report of a “near miss avalanche near Cantwell yesterday.” A snowmachiner had been caught in a large avalanche near the top of the slope. He was […]

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  • Skier Deploys Avalanche Airbag, Posts Video as Warning

    Austin Porzak posts video of deploying his airbag and getting caught in avalanche as warning to backcountry users and wants his near-death experience to help others stay safe.

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  • EpicTV: BCA Pushes its Avy Education Message in Europe


    While EpicTV may be better known for action videos, gear reviews and a well-stoked shop, they practice what they preach: safe, fun, epic adventure in the outdoors. From their roots in Chamonix, France, a mecca for big mountain skiing and riding, this year they pulled out all of the stops to add their voice to the avalanche education conversation.

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  • The (Sled) Freeride Avalanche Education Project


    When in an avalanche rescue situation, Todd Eberts wants people to know they are potentially IN HARM’S WAY during the rescue. He wants snowmobilers to have the field experience, avalanche safety training and practice to know what to do.

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  • Throttle Decisions: Avalanche Canada Targets Sledders With New Video

    Beacon search

    In the last decade participation in big mountain snowmobiling has surged. More people are venturing into the high country with high-powered machines and state of the art gear. This makes for good times, no doubt, but also elevated potential of motorized accidents in avalanche terrain. The folks at Avalanche Canada noticed this trend and decided to do something about it. They launched an educational film series, called Throttle Decisions, to address the unique avalanche education needs of snowmobilers heading into the backcountry.

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