Avalanche Beacons

  • Avalanche Beacon Training Park Opens at Rocky Mountain National Park


    BCA’s newest avalanche beacon training park was featured on 9News “NEXT WITH KYLE CLARK, KUSA”. Watch the broadcast and read the story here!

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  • BCA’s Most Viral Backcountry Ski & Sled Posts of 2016


    The Backcountry Access community shared reactions and comments in record numbers in 2016. Here is a review of the top organic viral Backcountry Access Facebook posts for 2016 – from serious to lighthearted.

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  • Snow safety product expert Steve Christie interview on backcountry preparedness


    BCA snow safety product expert Steve Christie was recently interviewed at Backcountry Access’s Seattle showroom by Glenn Farley of NBC affiliate KING 5 news. As a science and technology reporter, Glenn Farley has written extensively on disaster preparedness, be it from earthquake and tsunami risks, to volcano or wild fire danger. In this video, Glenn interviewed Steve to discuss avalanche avoidance, snow and skiing safety.

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  • How to Prep your Avalanche Gear for Summer


    By Mike Duffy Last winter was awesome, but it’s definitely over. In Colorado, our short season is summer. We all suffer through it. But when winter comes back, we want to be ready to spring to action. When I prep my avalanche gear for summer and put it away, I make sure it is set […]

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  • Electronic Noise and What it Means for Your Avalanche Transceiver

    BCA RandomNoise 940x564

    If you don’t recognize the phrase “electronic noise,” it’s time to get acquainted. This two-word phrase has a big impact on the performance and accuracy of your avalanche transceiver, the one piece of equipment that absolutely cannot go bad when you or your backcountry partner gets buried.

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  • Good Practice: Beacon Training Parks


    If you live or play in the mountains, there’s a good chance there is a BCA Wireless Beacon Training Park near you, allowing you to practice multiple search scenarios at your convenience. Read more to find your nearest BCA Beacon Training Park.

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  • New Tracker3 Software: Easier to Use, Diagnostics Self-Testing, and No More “Super Mario”


    The new software version not only improves T3 performance, but enables you to test the performance of your T3 using a personal computer (and update the default audio).

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  • Watch this: teen-oriented “Know Before You Go” avy education video


    BCA is stoked to be a key sponsor of “Know Before You Go,” a free avalanche awareness program for teens, featuring a brand new, fast-moving video produced by the Utah and Colorado avalanche centers. Not much science, no warnings to stay out of the mountains, no formulas to memorize. In this video, you will see the destructive power of avalanches, understand when and why they happen, and how you can have fun in the mountains and avoid avalanches.

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  • The Multiple Avalanche Burial Myth: “Boutique” Versus Reality


    Independent researchers have shown that since 2000 only five percent of avalanche accidents involve more than two people. That means 95 percent of the time rescuers are searching for one or two beacons. No matter what the science says, though, people still fixate on complex, multiple-victim burials.

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