Avalanche Airbag Packs

  • Snow safety product expert Steve Christie interview on backcountry preparedness


    BCA snow safety product expert Steve Christie was recently interviewed at Backcountry Access’s Seattle showroom by Glenn Farley of NBC affiliate KING 5 news. As a science and technology reporter, Glenn Farley has written extensively on disaster preparedness, be it from earthquake and tsunami risks, to volcano or wild fire danger. In this video, Glenn interviewed Steve to discuss avalanche avoidance, snow and skiing safety.

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  • Float Airbag Saves Man in Courmayeur Avalanche


    Overall it was pretty obvious to both me and my ski buddies that day that my airbag pack saved me from serious injury or worse. Not only did my Float avalanche airbag pack keep me above the snow, but when I slammed into a boulder the pack prevented me from being pinned down on it, and instead helped me deflect off.

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  • Wildsnow Gear Review: BCA Float 32™ Avalanche Airbag Pack


    WildSnow has reviewed various generations of the BCA Float avalanche airbag packs, and Michael Arnold has been using the redesigned BCA Float 32™. Here’s his take.

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  • How to Prep your Avalanche Gear for Summer


    By Mike Duffy Last winter was awesome, but it’s definitely over. In Colorado, our short season is summer. We all suffer through it. But when winter comes back, we want to be ready to spring to action. When I prep my avalanche gear for summer and put it away, I make sure it is set […]

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  • BCA Float Avalanche Airbag Saves Heli-boarder


    Nick Polidoro was demo’ing a Float airbag while heli-boarding in March 2016 in Haines, AK. He was caught in an avalanche on Directors North, getting carried over two cliffs—and over 1000 vertical feet. He ended up with his face and toes just above the surface. “Before I pulled the trigger, I had no control whatsoever. Once I pulled it, the whole situation changed: instead of pitch black, I could see white.”

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  • Float 8 Airbag Saves Alaska Snowmachiner


    These are the kinds of stories that make our jobs at BCA so rewarding. The news came from the Friends of the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center with a report of a “near miss avalanche near Cantwell yesterday.” A snowmachiner had been caught in a large avalanche near the top of the slope. He was […]

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  • BCA Float MtnPro Vest: Avalanche Protection with Mobility


    The Float MtnPro Vest is a piece of avalanche safety equipment that you can wear without having it interfere with your normal movement. It is light; it is comfortable. And it’s not intrusive. Yet, if you find yourself caught in a situation where the mountain starts moving, you know you have a fighting chance of getting out of that predicament alive. Product review by Steve Janes, Editor, SnoWest Snowmobile Magazine.

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  • Skier Deploys Avalanche Airbag, Posts Video as Warning

    Austin Porzak posts video of deploying his airbag and getting caught in avalanche as warning to backcountry users and wants his near-death experience to help others stay safe.

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  • EpicTV: BCA Pushes its Avy Education Message in Europe


    While EpicTV may be better known for action videos, gear reviews and a well-stoked shop, they practice what they preach: safe, fun, epic adventure in the outdoors. From their roots in Chamonix, France, a mecca for big mountain skiing and riding, this year they pulled out all of the stops to add their voice to the avalanche education conversation.

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