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  • Throttle Decisions: Avalanche Education for the Sled Sect

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    In the last decade participation in big mountain snowmobiling has surged. More people are venturing into the high country with high-powered machines and state of the art gear. This makes for good times, no doubt, but also elevated potential of motorized accidents in avalanche terrain. The folks at Avalanche Canada noticed this trend and decided […]

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  • Electronic Noise and What it Means for Your Avalanche Transceiver

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    If you don’t recognize the phrase “electronic noise,” it’s time to get acquainted. This two-word phrase has a big impact on the performance and accuracy of your avalanche transceiver, the one piece of equipment that absolutely cannot go bad when you or your backcountry partner gets buried.

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  • Snowbiking In Avalanche Terrain


    Traditionally, users who venture into this extreme terrain are experienced riders with years of experience in the snowy mountains. But that’s changing. Brock Bolin shares his insights into how “snowbiking” is changing the backcountry and avalanche safety.

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  • Built to Braaap: Snowmobile-Specific Avalanche Education

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    After this snowmobile-specific level 1 avalanche training experience, I walked away with absolute conviction of safety in the backcountry, educating oneself, utilizing safety equipment, researching your riding area avalanche reports, practicing with your equipment and choosing your riding buddies wisely.

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  • Good Practice: Beacon Training Parks


    If you live or play in the mountains, there’s a good chance there is a BCA Wireless Beacon Training Park near you, allowing you to practice multiple search scenarios at your convenience. Read more to find your nearest BCA Beacon Training Park.

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  • BCA and IFSA Launch 2016 Freeskiing Comp Avy Education Program


    This December Backcountry Access helped organize IFSA Avalanche Awareness Month, with nearly 100 freeski and freeride athletes taking level 1 and avalanche awareness courses in the US and Canada. Take a look inside the program.

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  • The Right Frequency: How Radios Save Lives in Telluride


    In Telluride, Colorado, backcountry community leaders are encouraging all those riding in Bear Creek to use radios and get on the same channel. The BCA BC Link system is proving to be a valuable tool in preventing unintended human hazards from above.

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  • SPEAK UP: When It Comes to Avalanche Avoidance, There are No Dumb Questions


    S.A.F.E. A.S. – Skiers Advocating and Fostering Education for Avalanche and Snow Safety – is a Women’s Introductory Clinic on Avalanche and Snow Safety, and attendees ranged from total newbies to seasoned backcountry travellers looking for a refresher course.

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  • New Tracker3 Software: Easier to Use, Diagnostics Self-Testing, and No More “Super Mario”


    The new software version not only improves T3 performance, but enables you to test the performance of your T3 using a personal computer (and update the default audio).

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