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  • Tracker Throwback: Powder Magazine Editor Rescues Partner in Japan “Pow Frenzy”


    The Naeba resort had received over three feet of new snow. It was a powder frenzy, stoked on adrenaline and the buzz of skiing untracked every run. Then, in the late afternoon, the group decided to ski a slightly different aspect — and triggered a loose snow avalanche leading to a full burial and avalanche rescue. They were only the second group to report a Tracker DTS save back in 2001, and their story is relevant today.

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  • Freeride World Tour Athlete Spotlight: Berkeley Patterson (Part 3 of 3)

    Berkeley Headshot

    Crystal Mountain native Berkeley Patterson started ferried competitions in eighth grade. A graduate of California’s Sugarbowl Academy, Berkeley is now a student at Quest University in Squamish B.C., where is enrolled in its LEAP program, which allows him to take time off to compete on the Freeride World Tour while he earns his degree.

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  • Freeskier Gear Review: Ski Mountaineering with the Stash 30 on James Peak, CO


    The East Face of James Peak is an extremely popular location for all forms of alpine mountaineering.  Photo: Rob Writz, Front Range Ski Mountaineering.  James Peak* is the namesake mountain of the James Peak Wilderness. This peak is not the highest point in the wilderness area, but it does occupy the prominent end of the ridge […]

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  • Freeride World Tour Athlete Spotlight: Grifen Moller (Part 2 of 3)


    With second place finishes at Revelstoke and Crested Butte, Grifin Moller is ready to ascend from the Freeride World Qualifiers in 2017 to the Freeride World Tour in 2018. Grif reports on his training, his philosophy and his extracurriculars keep him delivering top ten results in every competition he enters.

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  • Freeride World Tour Athlete Spotlight: Trace Cooke (Part 1 of 3)

    trace headshot

    With first place finishes at both the Crested Butte and Kicking Horse Freeride World Qualifiers along with a fourth place finish at Revelstoke, Trace Cooke was able to land the top spot in the overall rankings for North America. Trace reports in on the training and experiences that contributed to his meteoric rise during the 16/17 FWT season.

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  • Freeskier Review: Backcountry Access BC Link Radio, Camo Style


    On a recent overnight trip in Colorado’s Holy Cross Wilderness—Donny O’Neill and crew found their BC Link Radios to be particularly useful. A spring storm was hovering and visibility was low. But their team of four was able to communicate back and forth, relaying to each other information about whether certain routes into the East Cross Creek drainage were safe and skiable.

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  • To Heck With Ski Mags & their Resort Guides… Here Are Our Favorite Backcountry Ski Areas on Earth


    Here are our favourite places to shred the backcountry. Yes, some of them are pretty close, if not right off resorts, others are off the beaten path; all of them require some effort, some mountain knowledge and a little know-how to get to them. BCA ambassador Miles Clark reports.

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  • Watch Video: Shared Lines – Developing New England’s Backcountry Alliance


    The backcountry and sidecountry in the East Coast is often heavily wooded, making it difficult or nearly impossible to ski. For years, many members of the New England backcountry skiing community have fought for the right to glade and trim sections of forest to make these areas more optimal for backcountry skiing.

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  • Nailing it in Cordova: a Dream Trip to Points North


    Points North Heli Adventures (PNH) is a famous heli-skiing operation out of Cordova, AK. If you’re an expert skier looking for the ultimate skiing experience, this is the ticket.

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