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  • BC Link Radios on Mt. Logan: A report from the Canada’s highest summit


    Beast. There is no other word for this mountain. At 5959m, Mt. Logan is Canada’s highest mountain, second only to Denali in North America. It’s hard to describe how one feels standing at the top of this mountain, other than short on oxygen. Then, something incredible happened…. the crackle of a voice on my BC Link radio.

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  • #unepicadventures: Got an Un-Epic Story to Tell?


    BCA wants to hear about your decision-making success stories. Send us a 300 to 500 word story and photos and you’ll qualify for two BC Link radios.

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  • #unepicadventures: Decision point on Mt. Arkansas


    In this first installment of BCA’s blog series, “#unepicadventures,” BCA athlete Stu Edgerly recounts a nice day of spring corn skiing on Colorado’s Mt. Arkansas—and a key decision made along the way. Decision point on Mt. Arkansas: Plan B yields primo late season corn. By Stuart Edgerly I’m pretty happy with a decision we made […]

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  • Backcountry Gear Review: New Stash Packs and Shaxe Tech Shovel/Ice Axe


    Alex Hunt shows off Backcountry Access’s new line of Stash backcountry packs, which features updated carry systems for ice axes and snowboards and a refined back panel access system. And he demonstrates how to convert the new Shaxe Tech avalanche shovel to an ice axe, by swapping out the shovel blade with its stainless steel ice axe head.

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  • ISSW Survey: Share Your Real-Life Avalanche Experiences


    BCA is collecting information about “real-life” avalanche experiences in which an injury was sustained and medical treatment/attention was required. We invite you to share your up close and in person experiences. Take survey here.

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  • How to Prep your Avalanche Gear for Summer


    By Mike Duffy Last winter was awesome, but it’s definitely over. In Colorado, our short season is summer. We all suffer through it. But when winter comes back, we want to be ready to spring to action. When I prep my avalanche gear for summer and put it away, I make sure it is set […]

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  • BCA Float Avalanche Airbag Saves Heli-boarder


    Nick Polidoro was demo’ing a Float airbag while heli-boarding in March 2016 in Haines, AK. He was caught in an avalanche on Directors North, getting carried over two cliffs—and over 1000 vertical feet. He ended up with his face and toes just above the surface. “Before I pulled the trigger, I had no control whatsoever. Once I pulled it, the whole situation changed: instead of pitch black, I could see white.”

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  • Winter Weather Tools for South America


    Here’s everything you need to know about weather and avalanches in South America from APRENDICA, the first official provider of AIARE avalanche safety courses in Argentina and Chile. Time to book your summer trip!

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  • Float 8 Airbag Saves Alaska Snowmachiner


    These are the kinds of stories that make our jobs at BCA so rewarding. The news came from the Friends of the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center with a report of a “near miss avalanche near Cantwell yesterday.” A snowmachiner had been caught in a large avalanche near the top of the slope. He was […]

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