• Snow Safety is in our DNA

    BCA’s mission is to saves lives not just sell product. We want you to stoke the BCA brand for life.

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  • Stay Afloat

    BCA Float avalanche airbag systems live up to their name: they’re light, affordable and easy-to-use.

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  • Ease of Use in a Smaller Package

    BCA Tracker Avalanche Transceivers.
    Saving lives is what we do best.

  • Learn about Avalanche Safety

    Avalanche education resources for both recreationists and pros.

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  • Stay Connected

    Maximize your line – and your safety.  Stay in touch with BC Link Group Communications.

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  • Reliable Tools

    The more reliable snowpack data you collect,
    the more reliable your avalanche safety
    decision-making will be.

  • Function for the Backcountry

    BCA’s new Scepters with their utility Scraper Grips are designed with snow safety and touring in mind.

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  • Stay Connected

    Don’t get left behind on the trail.  Go summer adventuring with our BC Link Radios.

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